Science on the Edge: Dark Energy

Searching for Dark Energy, Naked Black Holes, and other Discoveries Worthy of Science Fiction

Wednesday, November 13 | 7:30-9pm
Speaker: Karl Gebhardt, Herman and Joan Suit Professor of Astrophysics, Astronomy Department, University of Texas

Black holes and dark energy are two of most enigmatic concepts in science today. As we make significant observational progress in both of these areas, we are still left without a fundamental theory for their existence. I will review the current suite of observations that target these mysteries, with a focus on a large ground-based experiment called HETDEX. As science generally goes, as we begin to peel off the layers surrounding either of these objects, we tend to find exciting and significant features. This epoch of discovery continues to be the most exciting time in terms of understanding the universe.

Date and Time
Rochester Museum and Science Center