STEM Resources

Description Grade Level(s) Subject Area(s)
NSF Classroom Resources

Classroom resources including lesson plans and other materials from the National Science Foundation via the National Science Digital Library. These resources cover a variety of STEM subjects. 

Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12) Biology/Life Science, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Cary Institute

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is dedicated to understanding how ecosystems work. Our scientists are global experts in the ecology of: freshwater, forests, disease, and cities. Through collaborative efforts, we apply our science to policy and management that protects the environment and improves human wellbeing.

Environment, Ecosystems, Ecology, Hudson River
Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12) Biology/Life Science
AAAS Science Net Links

Science Net Links from the American Association for the Advancement of Science provides a database of STEM lessons for all grades and a variety of topics. The site also includes additional tools, science news updates, and resources for afterschool programs.

News Updates, Afterschool, Lesson Plans
Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12) Biology/Life Science, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program

This program pairs a high school’s curriculum with critical on-the-job training  provided by a local employer in manufacturing.

High (9-12)
Center for Sustainability & Climate Education

A program from Dutchess BOCES, their mission is to engage and empower all K-12 educators and students to contribute to a socially and ecologically sustainable community for current and future generations. They provide learner-centered curricula, experiential learning, and additional supports.

Climate Change, Sustainability
Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5), Middle (6-8) Biology/Life Science, Earth Science
Aquatic Education Network

Genesee RiverWatch created the Aquatic Education Network to connect aquatic educators, teachers, administrators, and community groups to work as partners to increase stewardship of our regional aquatic ecosystems through formal and informal education. They are working to increase access to existing aquatic education programs by diverse audiences and, through new collaborations, build programs that address gaps. Their focus is the Genesee River and neighboring watersheds to benefit communities across the region.

Invest in Skills NY

A statewide advocacy partnership between employers, economic development and workforce development communities to urge the Governor and New York State Legislature to prioritize a skilled workforce as an economic necessity.  This effort aims to raise the collective knowledge about workforce development as economic development and encourage policy reforms to meet the changing demands of the labor market.

BOCES 4 Science

A service from a collaboration of NYS BOCES.  The service provides science units/kits that are used by teachers in the classroom.

Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12) Biology/Life Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics
PBS: Let's Learn

Let’s Learn helps children ages 3-8 with at-home learning. One-hour programs feature instruction by educators and virtual field trips.

Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)
Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation

In the places most beloved by Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., there are pivotal moments demanding immediate action, promises that require the right support to be kept, and individuals and organizations that are already responding to remaining challenges.  We support that good work by responding with investments channeled through our four core funding areas. Within each, we leverage good work already underway in Western New York and Southeast Michigan, collaborating with organizations, communities and one another to disrupt the cycle of need immediately—and lay the groundwork for change that lasts.